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We look forward to welcoming you to our undiscovered, unspoilt and memorable county.

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We pride ourselves on extending a very warm welcome to all our guests on our 400-acre organic family working beef and sheep farm.

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The farm is nestling beneath the tranquil Breidden Hills, where wildlife abounds, in the picturesque Severn valley.

Farming News

Lane Farm History

Lane Farm has been here since the 1600’s but we arrived in April 1998 to farm its 209 acres and in the autumn of 2001 had the opportunity to take over Middle Farm with 184 acres, both farms form part of the Criggion Estate. All of our land is very close to the rivers Severn and Vynwy causing the majority of the land at both farms to flood at certain times. We diversified in 2000 with the extension to the farmhouse being completed enabling us to offer Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

Farming Life

July has been busy as always, all the fields that needed it have been topped and the yards strimmed. The calf with the broken leg seems to have healed well and the plaster cast is now off and he is galloping around the fields. We are busy weaning the lambs, the ewes are going up on the hill  so we can save the best grass for the lambs. We have started AI for some of the cows and this year are using a new Stabliser bull called Givendale Black Radiant, he is being used on the cows  that are related to the bull we run. As always with farming the weather is never quite what is wanted, like most of the UK we could do with some rain, as long as it knows when to stop.

The wool sheets are booked into Newtown to the Wool Marketing Board's collection point, we will take them in ourselves in the livestock trailer, which is not as easy as it sounds to load, but we now have it down to a fine art.

With the sun shining and the promise of a shower or two this summer is looking good.

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  • Great Location
  • Comfortable & Modern Rooms
  • Stunning Views
  • Hearty Breakfast
  • Ample Parking