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We look forward to welcoming you to our undiscovered, unspoilt and memorable county.

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We pride ourselves on extending a very warm welcome to all our guests on our 400-acre organic family working beef and sheep farm.

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The farm is nestling beneath the tranquil Breidden Hills, where wildlife abounds, in the picturesque Severn valley.

Farming News

Lane Farm History

Lane Farm has been here since the 1600’s but we arrived in April 1998 to farm its 209 acres and in the autumn of 2001 had the opportunity to take over Middle Farm with 184 acres, both farms form part of the Criggion Estate. All of our land is very close to the rivers Severn and Vynwy causing the majority of the land at both farms to flood at certain times. We diversified in 2000 with the extension to the farmhouse being completed enabling us to offer Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

Farming Life

As February arrives so does the really cold tempertures, but we have luckily some how avoided the snow, the surrounding hills are white, but down here in the valley we are still green, although a bit frozen up.

The ewes have been brought down from the hill and are spread around the farm. We went clear on our 6 onthly TB test and so have sold 44 store cattle, we would not normally sell them at this time of the year, but we are very short on good quality feed for them and it was the only thing to do. Last summer is certainly causing us a loty of problems and money now. We also have some in calf heifers for sale which again would not be something we sell at this time.

The wood pile is going down at an alarming rate, but we are keeping very warm. We shall be busy again during the summer cutting another massive pile of logs. This wood is certainly keeping us warm more than once.

The B&B had its inspection and all was well, so we hope it will be a good season, with lambing having been put back until early April we are hopeful  the weather will be a little more co-operative than last year.

So with fingers crossed for no heavy snow, or floods it back to feeding the cattle and cololecting a bit more wood.

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  • Great Location
  • Comfortable & Modern Rooms
  • Stunning Views
  • Hearty Breakfast
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